6 Pcs pearl oyster shell one oyster 6 pearls

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this is for one oyster that has 6 pearls inside colors vary!



Freshwater Oyster, Each oyster has 6 pearl inside

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5 reviews for 6 Pcs pearl oyster shell one oyster 6 pearls

  1. Kemberly Roza

    These are so much fun. My wife and daughter could not wait to get them open! 6cm oysters with 6x 7mm pearls each!

  2. Andrea Xiong

    6 oval shaped pearls per oyster. Something fun to do for the kids.

  3. Branda Goshorn

    Amazing…. In one i had 7pearls….beautiful….. Will order more

  4. Samirah Hood

    I received them yesterday I got a blue one, purple one, yellow one and three peaches. they are not round they have more like an oval shape but besides that they still beautiful.

  5. Savannah Brotherton


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