6 Bath bombs gift set




Package included:
6 x 4.1oz Bath bomb(with gift box)


Six bath bombs were created to target specific needs:
Lavender Garden: Lavender can eliminate your muscle soreness, stabilize your nerves and promote the blood circulation.
Infatuation Rose: Rose oil will naturally raise a totally natural body fragrance after a long time use and make people infatuation.
Vanilla Indulgence: vanilla can calm your down and make people feel extreme relaxed and pampered.
Lemon Sunshine: lemon has a excellent effect on the skin, whitening and skin anti-aging.
Cooling peppermint: Peppermint oil can make the skin capillaries dilated; expedite the compound of ATP and the secretion of sweat and the loose of heat
Warm Chamomile: Camille can increase body’s metabolism and help people to remove skin oil and dirt effectively.


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