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Join our family and start earning money today! We pay our reps 30% of their sales made. You can have parties online or in homes. We never limit where you can sell.The sky is the limit with us! You are paid 30% on every sale you make  You will earn 5% from sales on your first downlines You will earn 3% from sales on your second tiered downlines. We pay you via paypal weekly on sales if you do not have paypal you can sign up an acct with them very easily by going to You are required to log into your back office once every 30 days to remain active. There are no website fees or quotas to be made to stay active. You can rep for any other company you wish to! We have a low quota to meet only on downline pay this does not affect your personal sales ever and you don't have to do it. $25 is the low downline quota to make to be paid this ensures good uplines with our company . This is only for sales your downlines make. Your sales are always paid weekly via paypal if over $5 with no quota to ever make! Right now you can join for free! Please only use this  if you do not currently have a rep to join under. If you do and want to join for free you will need to message them. By joining us under this link provided you will be placed on a team. We will put you only on our top best teams! Please use the link below to fill out the form and get started! No product comes with this kit. You will get the best training hands on help group training graphics to use and a free website! You will get a sisterhood and you will be able to make money off your sales!  please click that link  and fill it out. You will recieve an email to join our groups and get started with us.