Happy Hippie


our top sellers our customers can't get enough of our special blend of all natural ingredients. We keep this line simple basic and natural just like a happy hippie would!

We believe getting back to basics is a great alternative to other methods out there. There are no dyes fragrances ect used in these lines. All ingredients are safe and come from plants.  Please note this is not FDA approved we make no claims this will cure anything. 

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Happy Hippie Soak

Feeling stressed, sore, or unable to sleep? Our Soak is specifically designed to combat sore muscles, inflammation, release tension, and promote relaxation. Mix in a warm bath or use a Learn More

Happy Hippie Roll On

Our Happy Hippie roll on is ready to use just give it a shake and apply it on. Great for aches pains bumps bruises minor cuts burns and insect bites. This is one of our top sellers. Our Happy Hippie Learn More

Happy Hippie Fizzy Bath Salt

Our all natural happy hippie fizzy bath salt is a 4 oz jar ready to put in your bath tub or foot soak for an amazing muscle tension relief bath. This also helps with inflammation, soreness, restless Learn More

Happy Hippie Bath Bombs

The bath bomb niche' has taken off without slowing down! Why? Bath bombs are simply amazing and amazing for you! So what could make them even better? These bombs are great for Learn More

Happy Hippie Body Butter Scrub

This HH Body Butter Scrub is our Sugar Scrub and Body Butter combined for the smoothest, silkiest skin! Our Sugar Scrub gives you all the benefits of our traditional Sugar Scrubs with added Learn More

Happy Hippie Skin Salvation

Salvation doesn't have to be complicated! We kept our Salve simple with only the most effective ingredients. Made with all natural Bee's Wax, Organic Olive Oil, and Pure Lavender and Learn More

Happy Hippie Lotion

Looking for the benefits of our happy hippie line without having to run the bath or shower? Made with our finest organic ingredients including Sweet Almond Oils, Virgin Coconut Oils, and Avocado Learn More

Happy Hippie Oil

This is great all natural oil that you can add to your products you use everyday. A great alternative to help rid pain caused by inflammation. We make no claims that our product will heal, Learn More

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Happy Hippie Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrubs just got better! The raw exfoliating sensation of Organic Sugar Cane meets the luxurious moisturizing benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut oil with an important additive! Our Learn More

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Happy Hippie Spray

Our happy hippie spray is perfect for so many things ! Got an itchy throat? Need a little help relaxing to sleep? Want something healthy to put in your hair? Our spray is perfect for all of that and Learn More

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